UV light can shape your microbiome. Are you taking a probiotic and ignoring how light is shaping your microbiome? I use UV light clinically all the time with great results.



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Hello everyone, Dr. Stone here today to talk about a really interesting paper that I just found.

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That has to do with skin exposure to narrowband UVB light, which modulates the human intestinal microbiome. Alright, so let’s break this title down, right.

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So skin exposure to narrowband UV light. What is that? Well be obviously is getting your skin exposed to ultraviolet light ultraviolet light is divided into three different bands UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA is what causes us to tan has a lot of positive health benefits, but also can have some it’s the number one frequency linked to skin cancer. UVB produces vitamin D, which of course protects you from skin cancer as well as a lot of other illnesses. And then UVC is blocked by the atmosphere so we don’t get any from the sun. But Fritz Bopp led shaping life.

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What’s that guy’s name? I forget the name of the author of that book. But Britpop and a lot of other scientists have shown us that UVC light is emitted by your cells when they divide, right.

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So when you’re exposed to this paper argues that when you’re exposed to UVB light, it modulates your human intestinal microbiome, which I think is a really fascinating finding. There’s a lot of implications for people who are interested in trying to heal by changing their microbiome, right? So everyone’s fascinated by the microbiome these days that the rage in the microbiome has been going on probably for the last 10 years since I got into medical school and then got out. And it’s only intensified because there’s a lot of therapeutic options there. But what many people don’t realize is the fact that light that hits your skin can have a modulatory effect on your microbiome, and your digestive function, and many, many, many other physiological processes, which is one reason why I use light therapy with my patients in every single case with sometimes astonishingly good results. So this paper, they were asking the question, how does UV light modulate the human microbiome? Or does it at all right, because there’s a lot of mechanistic data to suggest that it might, alright. And they looked at patients who had

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healthy human female cohort they looked at, they looked they control for vitamin D supplementation, and so on and so forth. And lo and behold, they showed

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that particular people with low vitamin D levels have over changes in their intestinal microbiome in response to narrowband UVB light that increased their 25 hydroxy, vitamin D levels. And I liked the way they put this suggesting the existence of a novel skin gut access that could be used to promote intestinal homeostasis, and health.

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So that’s really just a fancy way of saying, getting UV light on your skin may have a positive effect on your gut. This would suggest that there are therapeutic opportunities with ultraviolet light for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract from top to bottom. And that’s why I use UV light in a lot of cases, and I use it every day myself. So thanks, everyone for watching, and take care

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