“Common sense in matters medical is rare, and is usually in inverse ratio to the degree of education.”

– Sir William Osler

Most people like to think that modern medicine, “makes sense.” That it is founded on rational principles and guided by logic. For those of you who don’t know Sir Osler, he was one of the most famous physicians of history. American physicians quote him more often than the “father” of medicine, Hippocrates.

What is common sense, anyway? It’s something your more likely to find at your local hardware store than between the pages of a scientific journal. I often read medical journals and think, “why did they even bother to perform this study?” Much of modern medicine is, for better or for worse, driven by profit.

Consider the case of high blood pressure. This is one of the most common and significant problems in the modern world. High blood pressure is the harbinger of stroke and heart disease. It is a sign of aging and disease.

So what is the most common prescription given out for high blood pressure? We call it a “diuretic,” which just means that it makes you pee a lot. This lowers your blood pressure, because there is less fluid in your blood vessels.

If you told me you had a hole in your roof, and I offered to install a drain in your floor, would you pay for it?

That is essentially what doctors do when they treat high blood pressure with diuretics.

I am not saying that it is wrong, morally or technically, because there is a place for diuretics (if the space they occupy right now is football field, the space they deserve is a postage stamp). I am saying that there is a better way.

“One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicines.” 

– Sir William Osler 

Did you know that ultraviolet light can lower your blood pressure?

It does so by triggering nitric oxide synthase activity in your skin.

Did you know you can do the same thing by humming?

By nasal breathing?

Did you know that, in order to drive this process, you need a multitude of vitamins, amino acids, and other co-factors?

Yet here we are, year after year, treating high blood pressure with diuretics. This is all by design. The pharmaceutical industry has whittled the average doctor’s visit down to 15 minutes, and they make sure that 7 minutes is spent on paperwork. The leaves zero time to teach the patient how to be healthy. Furthermore, medical school curricula are controlled by doctors who are pathological over-prescribers. Why? Because there is an agenda to make drugs and surgery the only solutions to our modern health problems. That’s why we spend approximately a quarter of our GDP on healthcare.

You don’t have to lose your health and happiness to the modern medical system. There are still those of us who are determined to teach you how not to need medicine. I don’t use diuretics to fix blood pressure, just as I would not offer to install a drain in your floor to fix a leak in your roof. So if you’re tired of the one-size-fits-all approach that most practitioners take, then maybe it’s time for you to come and work with me.